Advanced Yoga Instructor |  Pilates | Meditation | ACE Personal Trainer

Commercial Pilot CPL | Design DDL | Honours BA


With more than 15 years of expertise, my strength is to analyze issues quickly and apply a thorough, positive, solutions-oriented approach that works for your life; a strategy that is unique to you, science-backed, evidence based, kind, encouraging and exciting.  

A bit more about me:

Before finding my calling as a Lifestyle Coach and Private Instructor, I trained as a commercial pilot and an academic. After experiencing burn-out, anxiety and health issues in those fields I went on to study the mind and the body. My passion in life is to design optimal lifestyles for my clients and cultivate joy. My hunger for knowledge guided me through studies of neuroscience, art, design, anatomy, yoga, and human behaviour around the globe. I’ve worked in Social Change, written award winning plays, acted in film and T.V., and designed everything I  could. I am trained in Buddhist meditation; Certified in Insight Institute Mindfulness Meditation, and Clinically Certified by Rick Hanson in Positive Neuroplasticty/Though Pattern Change. I am a Certified Kundilini Yoga and Kriya Meditation teacher. And I am a Certified Yoga Nidra Practitioner from the Amrit Yoga Institute. Im an advanced yoga teacher, Pilates and ACE personal trainer. Through these explorations I have collected many unique tools; reworking and remodeling my world - mentally and physically. I’ve honed a process that helps others find energy, creativity and joy in their personal life and in their workplace. 

My clients achieve self-mastery, soar professionally, hone a mindfulness meditation practice, perfect fitness, dial in diet, create positive relationships, and dissolve stress. 

You can easily and quickly feel more positive, confident, and in control, no matter what. 

What other people are saying:

Featured in GQ Magazine, Narcity Magazine, New Internationalist Magazine, Chalkboard Magazine, WJMS Florida Radio, and Martin’s Spokesperson 2018. Ranked one of Vancouver's Top Instructors. Clients have described Zoe as cutting through the noise; a clear leader of the mind, body and soul, "An irreplaceable Wellness Mentor", "A one-stop-shop for science-backed but heart-led life guidance."