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We have had the pleasure of bringing health and mindfulness to The Vancouver General Hospital, ICORD, Wawanessa Insurance Company, Fresh Prep Foods, The Vancouver School Board, Digital Domain, Fairmont Hotels, YVR, and many others.

The Wellness Strategy for Corporate Culture

Meditation for the Office | Yoga And Relaxation at Work

Team Fitness and Fun


Our Wellness Strategy Benefits your Corporate Culture and Your Bottom Line

Meditation, Yoga, and Fitness improve employee wellbeing in 3 dimensions: 

  1. Mental Wellbeing

  2. Physical Health

  3. Social Connection

  • Stress accounts for billions of business dollars lost due to reduced productivity, absenteeism, employee turnover, accidents and medical fees. Avoiding such problems is paramount for both employees and businesses. 

  • Harvard Business Review reported that companies lose about $14,000 per employee on medically related productivity costs annually. Companies that offer yoga and other wellness programs greatly reduce their health insurance premiums and increase their bottom line.*1

  • Healthy employees are more productive and focused and offering yoga and meditation classes at work are low-cost and effective ways to achieve happy and productive employees.

  • Healthy employees create healthy workplaces, with reduced stress and conflict. 

  • A robust wellness strategy is a differentiator in how employers are perceived. 

  • Forbes, GE, Apple, Google, GM, Chase Manhattan Bank, HBO, GM, Industrial Light & Magic and Nike all offer daily yoga and meditation at work because it benefits the bottom line.

    More research papers here PRACTICE REVIEW: What Are the Benefits of Mindfulness? A Practice Review of Psychotherapy-Related Research.Daphne M. Davis and Jeffrey A. HayesPennsylvania State University


Mindfulness Meditation * MOST POPULAR OPTION

  • Easy and effective. With no need to change, we wear our office clothes and sit in chairs. This class is very convenient and can be done in almost any room. Sessions run 30-45 minutes and fit easily into the workday. This is our most popular choice.

Yoga and Relaxation * MOST POPULAR OPTION        

  • Another very popular choice. Participants change into comfortable clothes and usually bring a mat, though we can provide some if needed. All levels are always welcome from the stiffest old desk jokey to the most flexible young intern. The sessions are designed to be revitalizing, aim to heal common physical pain, and leave participants feeling focused and fresh.

Pilate and Core                            

  • These fun filled sessions are challenging, energizing and highly rewarding. Participants laugh out loud and bond together as they grumble about their sore muscles. But they keep coming because their backs and bodies feel so much better! Packed with invigorating challenges - Pilates is fun!

Lunch and Learns                            

  • Some workplaces have us host occasional Lunch & Learns, health events, and workshops. Topics include “Eating for Energy and Focus.”, “What a Pain in the Neck! - Releasing the Neck, Shoulder and Wrist Tension We Feel from the Desk.”, “Ergonomics for the Office.”, “Setting Goals and Moving Forward.”, “The Hurts so Good Muscle Release Tools Workshop.”

Mindfulness Newsletters                     

  • If you’d like, we can distribute E-Newsletters with tips on healthy living, recipes, and workplace focus tools.

FEEL BETTER - PERFORM BETTER: Benefits as an Employee

Be Well

Its been reported that stress is the reason for 90 percent of all doctor visits.*1 If you physically, mentally and emotionally feel well, your morale will be high. If you are focused and energetic, your positivity will be strong. If your creativity is unleashed, your self-confidence will soar. And all of this will make you a better employee—in your job responsibilities, your dealings with clients and your interactions with fellow employees.

Improve Concentration & Focus

Stressful deadlines, endless meetings and the general cacophony of a workplace create mental clutter that prevents you from concentrating on tasks and making good decisions. Yoga’s meditation and breathing exercises help to silence the noise and clear the clutter, letting you be more mindful, alert and focused.

Boost Creativity

As yoga helps you better concentrate and focus, it also opens the mind so the creative juices and energy can flow. You can’t think outside of the box when your brain is confined within the box.

  • Stress Less: Make Room for More Happiness.

  • Sleep Better: More Shut-Eye at Night Means Brighter Days.

  • More Mindful Meals: No More Stress Eating.

  • Heal Faster: Speed up Healing from an Injury or Surgery.

  • Learn to Breathe.

  • Sleep Better: More Shut-Eye at Night Means Brighter Days.

  • Slim Tone: Loose Weight and Gain Muscle.

  • Beat Anxiety: Send Worries Packing

  • Smile More: A Happy Pill, with No Side Effects

  • Relax: Don’t Let the Little Things Get You Down

  • Reduce Pain: Relieve Pain by Changing Your Movement and your Mind.

LETS GET TOGETHER: How It Works to Work With Us

Typically we work with companies that initially commit for a season, but end up staying with us for years.

Time: Most businesses offer sessions two or three times weekly - one for yoga and two for meditation. Classes are 30 min - 55 min. We offer classes before work, all throughout the day, lunchtime, and after work.

How: Zoe, or one of her team members, travel to your office. Session can be done even in small rooms. .

Where: These session can be done even in small rooms. we just need to move table/desks for yoga, or sit at the tables for meditation.

Price: There is an affordable package available for any budget. Depending on frequency, location, time, and class size prices range from $75-$250. 

Please contact us to discuss the best package options for your needs. HERE or email

Want More Facts / Footnotes / References?

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*All of our classes are non-refundable after the first session but you can transfer the package to another individual. We require 24 hours notice for re-scheduling.