Guided Audio - Mediations and Nidra anywhere, anytime.


ACCORDING TO NEUROSCIENTISTS, your brain actually RESHAPES itself for the better as you continue to meditate, even though you’re not aware of it.

     1) MINDFUL MEDITATIONS: Press pause on the day and find peace. Based on the Buddhist Insight practices of loving kindness,      compassion, and acceptance. 

     2) YOGA NIDRA: Designed to pierce the heart and awaken the soul; these meditations address the limitations of a mind rooted in fear, and transform anxiety, stress and underlying sadness into absolute radiance.

Zoe's meditation audio will be available late 2017 so you can take them with you wherever you go 

What Is Self-Directed Neuroplasticity?

Through what’s called “self-directed Neuroplasticity,” we now know that we can intentionally restructure the brain in order to create a more positive mindstate.

Even when relatively equal in intensity, we tend to focus on the negative and the unusual, rather than the pleasant; a predisposition that likely evolved in order to keep our predecessors safe.

We now live in a time where we are not in constant threat and no longer need to be in “survival mode.” However, we still have the negativity bias and misguidedly tend to hyperfocus on unpleasant thoughts, emotions, and social interactions.  

By using the accessible techniques of self-directed Neuroplasticity we have the opportunity to overcome our inborn negativity bias and become able to realize greater self-control, savoring of moments, contentment with life, expansive love, compassion, and innate joy.

Whatever we repeatedly sense, feel, and believe makes real changes in our neural networks. Whatever you do, your practicing it, and you get better and what you practice! So choose your actions wisely :)


What Is Yoga NIDRA Meditation?

Great question! Pierce the heart and awaken the soul!  Yoga Nidra is “yogic sleep”, it is as great and as easy as it sounds! A powerful practice that offers deep rest in order to reap the benefits of mental and physiological restoration.

In Nidra we lie down and relax deeply, and in this state we access the subconscious mind where deeply held beliefs are housed. From this place we can skillfully redesign our lives. 

A simple, yet powerful process of reprogramming core-beliefs in order to foster genuine freedom. Zoe has combined Self-Directed Neuroplasticity & Yoga Nidra to redesign deep rooted beliefs in order to find clarity, self-confidence and an innate joy in the experience of being who we are.  

Are you dealing with general dullness, depression, anxiety, or an unhealthy dependency (mindless eating, smoking, alcohol, etc)? Incorporate techniques such as self-directed neuroplasticity modelling and conscious relaxation to take you very deep into the meditation and refocus you on your own personal goals. The practice will leave you feeling rejuvenated, replenished, and more passionate.