Health and Fitness Coaching


Why Does Health and Fitness Coaching Work?

Health and fitness coaching works because you have a space to be completely honest about what is going on for you. A place where you feel safe to reveal yourself with an active, non-judgmental and objective listener. The coach has the tools to support and guide you to where you want to go. Sometimes to discover what it is you even want. The coach champions you to go after it, to stick with it and to hold you to it. You get results because throughout the process you transform your mindset, your thought-patterns and beliefs about yourself. Your inner voice changes from sabotage to kind. Your body, fitness level, performance and health, change from the inside out.

What Do We Do in Coaching Sessions?

  • Discover what is going on in your life

  • Articulate what you want

  • Know what gets in your way

  • Change your limiting beliefs and thoughts to empowering

  • Create a plan (fitness, food, health) that works congruently with your whole life and your goals

  • Break the steps down

  • Hold you accountable to taking action on the steps

  • Recover and adjust from setbacks

  • Acknowledge your victories, celebrate and keep going!