Meet Zoe

focus. Mind. Work. Money. Mood. Body.   

Business: meditation | Yoga | Pilates | Relaxation

Individual: LifeStyle Design Coaching | Movement

Neuroplasticity. Behavioural Science. Positive Mindset. Self Talk. Goal Setting. Relaxation. Meditation. Relationships. 

LCI Certified Life Coach  |  Yoga EYT +500  |  ACE Personal Trainer   Fitness RFP     

Honours BA   Commercial Pilot CPL | Design DDP

Featured in Chalk Board Magazine, a popular California-based publication for the Hurts So Good muscle release tool and Video Series Read it here.

Ranked in Vancouver’s Top 10 Yoga Teachers 2017, students have described Zoe as “that instructor that cuts through the noise; a leader of the body, and also a leader of the mind and soul.”

Zoe’s presence is one in which students laugh out loud, reflect, and expand into a deeper awareness of Self. Zoe’s approach varies from enthusiastic and energetic with her Fitness Training clients, to calm and peaceful with her Meditation, Mindset and Yoga students. She emphasizes the present experience, while encouraging your connection to body, emotion, fun-filled effort, and true rest.

Remember, life is truly more beautifully humorous than dreadfully serious – especially with strong abs and an open heart.


Drawing upon her studies of mindset, anatomy, personal training, yoga, pilates, and mindfulness meditation, Zoe offers her clients a deep understanding of our human anatomy - both scientific and spiritual. 

Physically, Zoe will guide you in empowering and healing yourself by sharing her unique: "Hurts So Good" muscle release tool techniques, original conditioning and release exercises, "Hard Core" abdominal training, and gently flowing mindful movement practices.

Through her one-on-one mindset coaching programs,  and the practices of deep meditation and inquiry, Zoe helps students manage chronic mental, emotional, and physical stress - realizing equanimity, renewal and rejuvenation. 

Zoe is also available for Intermittent Fasting and/or Mindful Eating coaching for clients who want to explore changing the way they eat, look, and feel.

Students regularly leave sessions saying that they feel more "uplifted and positive",  that it was "just what they needed", and that Zoe has "a true way of healing."

Zoe can help you feel good. Mentally. Emotionally. Physically.

about Zoe's past

Zoe's private yoga, conditioning, and coaching business has been thriving in Vancouver Canada for more than 15 years, but before that, as Zoe was beginning her a career as a Commercial Pilot, her anxiety and depression became unmanageable, and her life began to unravel. As an underlying sadness wove its way deeper into her life, she had the difficult realization that a career in aviation, while practical, was not truly aligned with who she was. Recognizing that her life to this point had been a battle fought only to prove to others that she was "enough", Zoe left the aviation industry and dedicated herself to exploring this illusive "sense of enoughness."

Zoe dove into herself in order to break free.

After years in the sciences,  Zoe gave herself over to her passion for creativity and movement. Her hunger for knowledge guided her through academic studies of neuroscience, art, design, anatomy, yoga, and human behaviour around the globe.  She worked in Social Change, wrote award winning plays, acted in film and T.V., began teaching meditation, and designed everything she could. 

Through these explorations Zoe collected many unique tools; reworking and remodeling her internal world - mentally and physically.  Zoe has now honed a process that helps others find energy, creativity and joy in their personal lives and in the workplace. 

It is her passion to share with you the tools she created that have led to her energized existence.  Zoe helps others excavate barriers and fears: uncovering innate joy, outer brilliance, and inner peace.

With awareness, compassion, and play, we begin to leave our stories behind and relax back into the captivating richness of life. 

Some of her training

Advanced Personal Training - ACE

500 RYT Yoga Advanced Yoga Teacher

Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis Theory - IMS Institute, Berkeley, California

Astanga Yoga Teacher  - Beryl Bender Birch - Hard & The Soft Yoga Institute, NYC

Pilates Fusion Teacher 

Buddhist Insight/Vipassana Mediation Training - Various teachers, BC

The Power of Awareness Meditation Coach

Yoga-Nidra Teacher  - Vancouver, BC

Hatha Yoga Teacher - Hard & The Soft Yoga Institute, Costa Rica 

Restorative Yoga Teacher  - C. Manasala, Vancouver, BC

5rhythms Dance - Costa Rica, NYC, and BC 

Yin Yoga Teacher  - Sarah Powers and Elle Scott, Vancouver, BC

Yogic Philosophy with Janet Stone - BC

Kundalini Yoga Teacher  - Gloria Latham, Greece and Vancouver , BC

Anatomy Studies with Lorraine Aguilar - NYC

Power/Vinyasa Teacher  -  Sean Corn

Power/Vinyasa Teacher - Micheal Stone

Power/Vinyasa Teacher  - Rod Stryker

Power/Vinyasa Teacher  - Clara Robert Oss- BC

Breath Work - Max Strom - BC

                             And HUNDREDS of additional hours of yoga, movement and meditation intensive studies