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What people are saying:
"I highly recommend Zoe Green for yoga and fitness.  She is an enthusiastic and caring instructor.  Her visualizations and sense of humour are always entertaining, and her many techniques to keep audience involved attest to her creativity and experience in theatre.  She shares ideas applicable both in and beyond the class, and is a natural teacher who is humble yet strong and wise beyond her years."
-Joel Friedman, Professor of Mathematics and computer science at The University of British Columbia

Corporate Class/Private options 

HARD CORE: PilatesFusion Core & Conditioning

It hurts so good.....

A conditioning session focusing on core strength, and total body conditioning fused with a perfect mix of sculpting    exercises designed to make you lightly glow! (just a wee bit of sweat!)


MEDITATION: Guided Mindfulness Meditation

One-on-one, intimate groups, and corporate offices. She guides her classes, workshops and retreats in a simple and accessible language...and dare we say JOY!

Mindfulness Meditation programs are being conducted in hundreds of hospitals, healthcare facilities, schools, corporate wellness programs, and prison settings all across Canada, and around the world. These studies have found many benefits to meditation:  Elevated immune system function. Improved management of pain. Improved sleep and digestion. Increased energy. Improved mental function, intelligence, and memory. Improved decision-making ability. Less irritability, anxiety, and depression. Improved interpersonal relationships. Increased resilience to change


NIDRA: Guided Deep Restorative Relaxation

*VIDEO link*

Are you dealing with general dullness, depression, anxiety, or an unhealthy dependency (mindless eating, smoking, alcohol, etc)? Customized meditations incorporate techniques such as self-directed neuroplasticity modelling and conscious relaxation to take you very deep into the meditation and refocus you on your own personal goals. The practice will leave you feeling rejuvenated, replenished, and more passionate. (click here for more) Awaken the connection between body and mind. Nidra is like a deep sleep while you are awake. Guided meditations encourage a surprisingly deep and effortless relaxation as you lie down and recharge. YES It's as easy as it sounds! 



Curious about intermittent fasting? Does it seem like no matter what you eat or how hard or how often you work out you just can’t seem to build muscle or lose weight or just feel good? Do you want to know how to approach healthy eating and fitness as an effortless lifestyle? Are there days when you feel overwhelmed and unmotivated to be your best self?


HIKING: Outdoor fresh air and a gorgeous hike

Clients rave about this excellent way to enjoy like and get in shape. Take a refreshing break with Zoe while she sets the pace to keep you challenged yet able to accomplish the feat! 


PARTIES: Parties! Parties! Bachelor & Bachelorette, Birthday, Holiday! 

Can you think of a better way to start or end your festivities that having a great stretch and good laugh with yoga? 


KUNDI: Kundalini yoga

Intended for anyone who wants to get free of yourself to get a hold of yourself. Kundalini ignites laughter, joy and creativity, which are integral parts of the healing process. This experience will wake up the soul and delve into the body in the most alive and fun way possible.


PEACE: Yin Yoga

A mind - body discipline, this practice helps you find spaciousness in the mind, and balance in life. With each pose and breath, you’ll find yourself releasing the “should”s. It’s perfect for establishing and deepening a mind-body connection.Poses are crafted and sequenced to fit your needs. A tranquil practice, which is challenging yet nourishing. Primarily consisting of floor moves,  

Yin Yoga targets the connective tissues (ligaments, bones, and even the joints of the body that aren't normally exercised). Poses are held between 3-10 minutes each, in order to open tight areas and balance internal energy, leaving you feeling complete and well-rested. 


GENTLE: Hatha Yoga

Bring health and vitality back to exhausted, injured, sore, and stiff bodies. 

Customized each class for your specific body and goals. With play, meditation, and breathwork woven in, this class is the perfect class to revitalize you. 


CHALENGING: Vinyasa Flow & Power Yoga

Specific. Meditative. Targeted.

A true mind-body experience that is very different each class. Often using props in brand new ways to get us deeper into our bodies,  these classes are restorative and challenging. 


FITNESS: One-on-one and small group training

Enjoy a tailored and sweaty workout!


EATING: Mindful eating coaching and guidance

Truly enjoy every bite of your delicious and nutritious meal, and also reap the rewards of better digestion and lower food needs. 


RELEASE: Dowel Self Massage Workshops and Guidance

Learn how to treat and release your tight shoulders and still back! We all work on computers these days so empower yourself to feel AMAZING! By learning how to quicky massage out your knots!
“Zoe is simply awesome, gorgeous inside and out.  She is one of best yoga teachers there is...body, spirit, mind.  You just feel good in & after her class. In her dowel workshop she demonstrates ( how to use a) unique & fantastic tool that you can use at home and it’s like nothing else can do on own or in a regular class.  Her dowel work offers a deep, wonderful, enjoyable stretch. Anyone who gets to enjoy a class or workshop with Zoe is lucky. Like I once said to her…Zoe is an actual blessing.” -Charmain Schalm


LAUGHTER YOGA: Workshops and Guidance

Take a leap and come laugh!

Laughter Yoga combines yoga-based deep breathing, gentle movement, and playful (unintimidating) activities to stimulate laughter and cultivate joy! Join Zoe for a spirit-lifting afternoon of community and fun.

Why Laughter?

  • strengthen the immune system
  • reduce pain
  • encourage deep rest and sleep
  • lower stress
  • relax the body
  • trigger the release of endorphins
  • promote an overall sense of well-being
  • No experience with traditional postures is needed – and no special equipment other than an open attitude! Come as you are (including if you aren’t feeling that great) and leave feeling lighter