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What people are saying:

"I highly recommend Zoe Green for yoga and fitness. She is an enthusiastic and caring instructor. Her visualizations and sense of humour are always entertaining, and her many techniques to keep audience involved attest to her creativity and experience in theatre. She shares ideas applicable both in and beyond the class, and is a natural teacher who is humble yet strong and wise beyond her years."

-Joel Friedman, Professor of Mathematics and computer science at The University of British Columbia

Private Benefits 

  • Someone to Focus Exclusively on You and Your Needs.

  • Sleep Better: More Shut-Eye at Night Means Brighter Days.

  • Loose Weight and Gain Muscle.

  • Get back into incredible shape.

  • Beat Anxiety: Send Worries Packing

  • Smile More: A Happy Pill, with No Side Effects

  • Relax: Don’t Let the Little Things Get You Down

  • Reduce Pain: Relieve Pain by Changing Your Movement and your Mind.

  • Finally Establish a Mediation Practice.

  • Stress Less: Make Room for More Happiness.

  • Sleep Better: More Shut-Eye at Night Means Brighter Days.

  • More Mindful Meals: No More Stress Eating.

  • Heal Faster: Speed up Healing from an Injury or Surgery.

  • Learn to Breathe.

Private Details 

Zoe works with clients from all walks of life: Canadas top Executives, busy Surgeons and Doctors, insomnia suffering Lawyers, smart young professionals, stay-at-home parents, wisened retirees, Creatives, and hopefully you too.

Zoe travels to your home or office to provide you with any or all of the following - meditation, yoga, Pilates, personal training, fitness, or specific therapy/conditioning. You can do this alone or include your spouse, friend, partner, child etc.

There is an affordable package available for any budget and rates for the sessions include travel, all props, and all equipment.

Please contact us to discuss the best package options for your needs. HERE or email

Footnotes / References

*1 Melissa Thompson

*All of our classes are non-refundable after the first session but you can transfer the package to another individual. We require 24 hours notice for re-scheduling.