Z|G The Infamous Hurts So Good Tool

Hard to reach knots in your back? Tension building up in your neck? Weight of the world on your shoulders? Stop, Drop and Roll into delicious deep tissue release to ease the impact of stress on the body.

The Hurts so Good Massage Tool and accompanying video series​ offer self-care techniques to melt stubborn muscles and bring a sense of rejuvenation into the body. Sitting for long periods, constant typing/texting, commutes spent gripping the steering wheel - everyday activities accumulate as unnecessary and painful tension in the body. Even things that should “help” us like your yoga practice, our workouts, or playing with kids can have a negative impact if the tension is left unaddressed!

The Hurts So Good Massage Tool and its accompanying video series​ release the deep tension in your neck and shoulders, open your chest, ease your low back, rejuvenate your legs and feet, release your forearms, wrists, and hands, and soothe your poor sore feet.DIY Bodywork that empowers you to take control and address your body
exactly where it aches.

1 ​for​ $19.99 $2 ​for​ 29.99

Z|G The Infamous Hurts So Good Tool