The Smile Files

Here is your dose of  FAST SMILES FILES a place to find a bullet list of things designed  to  bring a smile to your lovely face. 


6 to 60 - Cold Shower Survival Plan:

Cold showers have been proven to have an amazing effect on your well being and health: reducing depression, waking you up, muscle recovery, weight loss, improving circulation, and much more.

Something as simple as rotating the temperature gage can really have a big improvement on your life. But…. Save Our Souls, they are so freaking cold! 

For the past few years I’ve been on and off this slick band wagon, but recently I decided to weave it into my morning routine for good. I’ve noticed a huge shift in mood and energy since I’ve plunged in. 

I don’t do anything that doesn’t bring me joy, so I had to find a way to make it fun. 

☕️Every morning I make a hot cup of coffee, walk into the warm water shower to lather up. 

⏲I find that putting a timer on anything  turns it into a game and therefore makes it better. 

After the cleaning portion is complete I turn the water onto “ice-cold”, begin to shamelessly chant “Cool Sculpting. Cool Sculpting...” as I spray  6 regions of my body separately.  

  1. 10 seconds each = arm, arm, leg, leg, front trunk, back trunk. 

  2. 60 seconds over and done. 

  3. Catch breath, sip coffee, and repeat as many times as desired. 

All you have to do is take one  cold shower tomorrow morning, and see how you feel. You can start hot, but end cold, for at least 1 minute (work up to three). Then see how you feel. If you like it, then do it again tomorrow and see how two days in a row makes you feel.

It’s just an experiment, not a permanent life change. But whatever you do, don’t be too serious about it and have fun. If it causes mental stress, it’s not worth it. This is supposed to improve your life, not bring you down.