Meet Zoe

Zoe's private yoga, bodywork, and coaching has been thriving in Vancouver for more than 15 years, but before that as Zoe was beginning a career as a Commercial Pilot, fear and anxiety started to become unmanageable and her life began to unravel.  As an underlying sadness wove its way deeper into her life, she had the difficult realization that a career in aviation, while practical, was not truly aligned with who she was.  Recognizing that her life to this point had been a battle fought only to prove to others that she was "enough",  Zoe dedicated herself to exploring this illusive sense of enoughness, and dove into herself in order to break free. 

Giving herself over to a passion for creativity and movement, her hunger for knowledge guided her through academic studies of art, design, anatomy, yoga, and human behaviour around the globe.  Through these explorations Zoe collected many tools; reworking and remodeling her internal world - mentally and physically.  Zoe has now honed a process that helps others find energy, creativity and joy in their personal lives and in the workplace. 

It is her passion to share the practical tools that lead to an energized existence. Using conscious movement, insight mediation, balanced nutrition, and modern neuroscience - Zoe helps others excavate barriers and fears: uncovering innate joy, outer brilliance, and inner peace.

With awareness, compassion, and play, we begin to leave our stories behind and relax back into the captivating richness of life. 

Continuing Studies: 

Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis Theory - IMS Institute, Berkeley, California

Buddhist Insight/Vipassana Mediation Training - Various teachers, BC

Astanga Yoga Teacher Training - Beryl Bender Birch - Hard & The Soft Yoga Institute, NYC

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training - Gloria Latham, Greece and Vancouver , BC

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training - Vancouver, BC

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training - C. Manasala, Vancouver, BC

Yin Yoga Teacher Training - Sarah Powers and Elle Scott, Vancouver, BC

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training - Hard & The Soft Yoga Institute, Costa Rica 

Anatomy Studies with Lorraine Aguilar - NYC

5rhythms Dance - Costa Rica, NYC, and BC 

Yogic Philosophy with Janet Stone - BC

Power/Vinyasa Training with Sean Corn, Rod Stryker, Micheal Stone - BC

Breath Work training with Max Strom - BC

And hundreds additional hours of yoga, movement and meditation intensive studies

Zoe has a passion for Yin Yoga, using it as a gateway into the conscious and subconscious mind.  As a student of Buddhism, Zoe weaves Buddhist concepts into classes as powerful tools for physical and emotional liberation. Because of Zoe's human kinetics and personal training background she has a deep understanding of our human anatomy, and working with your body Zoe can guide you in healing yourself with Self-Massage techniques and Restorative Yoga classes.

 Zoe helps students better understand and manage chronic mental, emotional and physical stress in these classes- realizing equanimity, renewal and rejuvenation. Students regularly leave class saying that they feel more uplifted and positive,  and that it was just what they needed.  .